Equipment Project

Handheld Sensors

Researchers and air quality professionals around the world use specialist outdoor air quality test equipment to provide a full set of tools to measure a range of common pollutants in ambient outdoor air.

These portable monitors can measure a range of pollutants by simply swapping the sensor heads for the pollutant you wish to monitor. Such kits include particulate matter sensor (PM2.5/PM10), four gas pollutant gas sensors (NO2, O3, CO, VOC), and a combined temperature and relative humidity sensors.

CAP believes that with the aid of such a monitor it could provide a service to the communities it represents by providing real time results to better identify air quality problems.

CAP has identified several units that it could purchase. The monitor will be imported and subject to the volatility of the ZAR against the supplier’s currency.

Total Estimated Cost ZAR 100,000 to ZAR 150,000 @ 18:5 ZAR:USD