Complaint Form Project

CAP Complaint/Survey Forms and Supporting Secure Software

Currently Operational

This project was made possible by generous contributions from donors, and it was officially inaugurated in July 2022 as part of Nelson Mandela Day, with the theme “do what you can with what you have and where you are.”

The complaint form was developed with input from a research psychologist and a professor from the university of KwaZulu Natal.

To safeguard all personal information in CAP’s surveys and forms, the company chose a platform with a high level of security. The data is stored on SOC 2 Type II compliant data servers in Germany.

CAP is an entirely crowd-funded non-profit Company and this project will need ongoing financing to cover the cost of the annual subscription to the software platform, web domain names, etc. and these are estimated to range from ZAR 3,500 to ZAR 7,500, depending on the number of complaints received, level of service required and currency fluctuations.

Industry and government work from the premise “no complaint no problem”. Affected people are encouraged to use the grievance form.

The project is already showing some interesting data.